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Installing Kitchens Across India

In today's world also people are still using the traditional way of cooking on the chullas. it's not because they cannot afford the resources but the reason is they cannot reach the resources. Modular kitchen is a revolution in today’s modern world where cooking is fun with comfort. At design Indian kitchen we have dedicated team to provide services in any part of the country within the budget. We have a 5-step delivery procedure for any part of the country in 25 days. The Following Steps would be Involved in the Kitchen Planning and Execution for Kitchens just anywhere in India.

Site visit and measurement

This is the first step towards making your dream kitchen; our technical team member visits your site and takes the detailed measurement along with the ventilation, plumbing points and electrical points. At this stage we assume that all your civil work like plumbing, electrical, flooring, walls, etc are done.

Design and drafting

Design and drafting is the next step towards making your dream kitchen. We take inputs from you then we plan the layout using all the measurements taken .thorough this design you can visualise your kitchen and its ergonomics the way you wanted. Once the layout is ready the colour combinations can be finalised so that you can have a clear picture of the kitchen. Think about the layout and how you use your current kitchen. For example, where will you want most worktop space? What elements do you want to be close to each other, such as the fridge and cooking station? Do you use it for dinner parties? Do you have a lot of gadgets to accommodate? This will help ensure that your day-to-day needs will not get overlooked in the planning process.

Detailed discussion on the design and fittings

There are myriad approaches for selecting kitchen fittings nowadays. Modular Kitchen comprise of a scope of modules like cupboards, divider and floor tiles, worktop, kitchen apparatuses, kitchen frill, fittings, and different gears. Any little change in a module can have an enormous effect in the presence of the kitchen. There is a great deal of kitchen accessories and items accessible in the business sector, yet we provide the best esteem for cash while people choose for kitchen accessories.

Finalising the order

Once you are done with the selection process you are a free being now the onus is on Design Indian Kitchen to bring your imagination into reality. It usually takes 2-weeks for manufacturing the kitchen, getting it flat packed and delivered at your doorstep.

Installation at the client site.

Once the cabinets and shutters are delivered along with the hardware fittings it takes 2 to 5 days for installation of the kitchen with the supplied hardware. After completion of the installation one through testing of the hardware is done and afterwards you are ready to enjoy your cooking in your new kitchen.

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