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The Concept and the ethics we run by is to deliver a product for the masses. We want our kitchens to be installed in homes of not only the high segment customers but also the middle class and the average customer. India has a diverse population and most of the people live on rent or below to middle segment group. Therefore, it becomes imperitive to consider about their need speicfically. We aim to deliver a product which is useful for the masses by using the best class production material with high quality raw materials used.

All our materials and cabinets carry a specific warranty and our kitchens are durable enough to last for quiet long time. Our Kitchen cabinets are made from World class material which makes some of collection to be water proof and termite proof.

We aim to make the Modular kitchens affordable and sustainable, Every house needs a Kitchen and by understanding the need of the avarage customer it thereby becomes our social responsibility also, to cater that market. Not all can afford a high end austrian kitchen, or a german kitchen or an italian kitchen. Henceforth, it becomes our formost duty to cater the Average middle class, who require a quality-centered product which looks good aesthetically and also is efficient enough to last for atleast 5 - 6 years and at the same time cost-effective. We run by our deep rooted values, starting from the designing, sourcing, packaging and installation ; we think empathetically for you and consider your work as our own. We do righteous business with sense of responsibility and commitment for our dealers and customers.

Apart from that we deal in all high end kitchens using Materials which are used by the World's top Modular Kitchen agencies.

Love All - Serve All

Constant Updating

Well Trained & Efficient Team

With the current changing scenerios, more and more effective and advance user friendly equipments are being launched. Most of the leading companies, keeping in concern the safety and the comfort of the users are inventing materials which are robust and long lasting. This includes new trends in drawers closures or corner solutions. From updated materials in finishes to production of modular kitchens using varied techniques, We at design Indian Kitchen keep our Team up to date so that you get a wholesome, ready product to use with ease, affordablity and is right updated with the current time frame.

The Best Material at The best prices

Quality & Affordibility

We are very peculiar regarding our products being affordable. At the same time being economical, we keep a track re the output we deliver. It has to be the best in the industry keeping full control of the quality and the finish. If we compromise on the qualiy then the cost-effectiveness is of no use. Hence, we must choose a mid-way. Cheap kitchens are often misleading, and there is nothing as a cheap kitchen. Kitchnes are not cheap, they should be reliable along with affordable.

Franchise Structure

At the Design Indian Kitchen, we have special regard for our franchise units across India. We treat all our franchise units as our Branch offices, we take personal interest from minutest of the details to high end production. Every branch office of The Design Indian Kitchen Company has two dedicated members assigned for taking care of the production and deliverables. We are always willing to collaborate, if the idea and the plan is effective and up to the mark. More About our franchise Concept

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