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Why buy from an independent retailer?

Everybody is on the lookout for a good deal at the moment, and it's easy to be seduced by the eye-catching discounts of the big multinational companies. But are you sure if you are getting a good price, it's a good deal? And if you overlook your local independent kitchen specialist, what actually you are missing out ?

Here's is what

If you buy from an independent specialist, he is going to take care of every aspect of your new kitchen project - including the things you have not thought of yet. You will be more relaxed in terms of work pressure while they work, and more satisfied when they will finished.

The price for your independent kitchen will include the following:

Your local specialist can offer you from thousands of products from hundreds of different manufacturers to create a kitchen as unique as you are.

He is not trying to sell you whatever his superiors tells him, and he is not restricted to a single manufacturer. Instead, he has the freedom to craft a kitchen that really made for you using mix and match of different brands and finishes.

An investment in your home

We always want a eye-catching kitchen, whether at a party or a house viewing. Well-designed kitchens stir strong feelings and make homes more saleable and increases the value of the property.

Supporting your local community

If you buy your kitchen from a local independent retailer, more of that money will come back to your local community.

A report from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies showed that for every for every rupee you spend locally, between 50-70p of that will be reinvested into your local economy. Buy from a national or online retailer and only 5p will come back to your community. Supporting your local kitchen specialist supports your local community.

So how much do autonomous kitchens cost?

It's not easy for independent retailers to provide prices online, because each independent kitchen is crafted as per the individual needs. Prices often start from 1,00,000,

It might just open your eyes to what you could achieve with a little bit of independent thinking.

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