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Kitchen Flooring

kitchen flooring is very important aspect of modular kitchen,the kitchen floor and modular kitchen should go hand in hand.There are verious flooring options available.

Granite tile flooring is an options for kitchen flooring as it is denser and much more durable than other stones. Granite is very prone to stains so it must be sealed and ocassionally resealed for normal maintenance.

Marble flooring is another ecofriendly material availabke for kitchen floor,It has wide variety of colour options and in different texture.Unlike other stone flooring marble can take an extremely high polish. It allow to make the surface of marble extremely smooth and shiny. Polishing also bring out the colors in the stone making it more noticeable.

Tile can be used in kitchen flooring without any danger of getting spoiled due to water or stain.It has a protective layerwhich makes it resistant to water and stains against panetration.It is also resistant to high humid conditions.

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