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kitchen plumbing is very important in aspect of modular kitchen because you have to plan it before your kitchen is sinks are connected to your house's main line water supply,which comes through faucets and then goes thrtough drain pipe in the sewer.apart from that you have to make out how many points that you need in your kitche eg.for RO,dishwasher,etc.once plumbing points are marked fittings can be easily installed.

what is kitchen sink trap?

Every kitchen has a sink and the sink is connected to the drain to pipe.the connection of the sink and the drain pipe (j-shaped or p- trap) is sink trap. the benefit of installing a p trap is that your sink is connected to the drain which had dirty water and releases sewerage gases which may be dangerous for yiur health.

How does it works?

when water flows through the pipe it goes to the trapand moves to the drain but the drain pipe exits at a higher point some water gets trapped in the curve of the drain pipe.this trapped water acts as a seal for the toxic gases.when ever you use the sink the water trapped is changed.

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