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Getting Started

Step 1:

The first thing that comes in our mind is that how we should start planning our modular kitchen as it is the heart of your home. So the first thing to start with is the planning of the space but before that ask these question to yourself and your family members:

what to hang on to from your existing kitchen.

what frustrates you in your kitchen,

when and how you would like to use the space, etc

Keep a note of all the negatives and positives of the kitchen as it will help you in giving a clear picture of what you want and what you don't want in your kitchen.

Key Result area of the kitchen

Your kitchen can be divided into 5 vital areas






however we use our kitchen for all type of activities, so ask yourself :

are you going to dine in your kitchen?

do you need a room that can cope with rigours of a busy family?

if yes plan a dining table or a breakfast table in your kitchen room. if you are a keen cook and cooking for a large family a cooking range is a good option for you. Ultimately, this kitchen is for you, and the essence is how you and your family are going to use the space. Design the space and features (must have items like corner, tall units, bottle pullouts, etc) which you need for the activities that will take place in your kitchen, and we will ensure you to match your kitchen to your lifestyle.

finer details

now you will have more clear view on what you need in your kitchen, keeping in views what you need make a wish list of all the preferred products and materials. now figure out what you need in appliances, countertop, pantry, sink and taps, etc. from here onwards you will have an idea about

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