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Kitchen lighting is an essential element in defining the “feel” of a home. The kitchen is often where all the action is. It’s where food is cooked, it’s often where food is eaten and the focal point of family life. And of course everyone gravitates to the kitchen at parties.

A general distinction can be made between a food preparation kitchen and an “eat-in” kitchen. Individual lighting is therefore what is needed. It should be functional for preparing and cooking the food, and it should also create a pleasant atmosphere for family mealtimes or chats with friends


Ceiling fixtures in the kitchen are ideal for illuminating walkways. Different fixture groupings for work surfaces, walls and walkways provide the perfect combination. Wall lights should be used to avoid creating shadows


In eat-in kitchens the table plays an important role. Ceiling fixtures or pendant fixtures should be used here. The latter ensure that the surface of the table is properly illuminated. Height-adjustable fixtures and dimmable light can be adapted to suit different needs and create a pleasant atmosphere around the table. Switching and dimming individual fixtures or groups of fixtures separately enables the table and its surroundings to be illuminated in different ways to suit different requirements. And we all know that we eat with our eyes first so correct color rendering is an important factor here.


Lighting for cupboards and shelves in the kitchen not only creates a pleasant atmosphere it also makes it easier to find cutlery and utensils. Cupboards can be spotlighted from above. Spotlights can also be used for dramatic effect on glass-fronted cupboards. Individual downlights in wall cupboards or directly above work surfaces can be used to illuminate glasses and decorative items, creating further interest. Indirect lighting from the tops of cupboards up onto the ceiling adds to the warm atmosphere in the kitchen. Grouped and individually switchable fixtures for cupboards, shelves and display cabinets can meet the different lighting requirements and combine a feel-good atmosphere with greater safety


Working in the kitchen calls for proper illumination of work surfaces. It is important here to avoid any annoying shadows. Shadows are a problem if a kitchen is lit only by a central ceiling fixture. Under cabinet lights should therefore be used to illuminate work surfaces. They direct their light straight down onto the work surface, reduce the risk of injury and make it easier to prepare meals. The light should also offer good colour rendering to make it easier to judge the quality of food.

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